"I started going to Dr. Yamada because I heard he was the best in town when it came to injury prevention and body movement. His exercises helped lead me to a Men's Division I scoring title in 2015. I also had the most 3-point field goals made, due in part to "the band". He told me to work on my shot with the band 2-3 times per day and I should see an improvement. I carry this band everywhere and trust me, I didn't think it would help me but it has  helped to perfect my shot. Dr. Yamada also taught me about the importance of breathing through my core. I am now entering the NBA draft and believe my training will help my basketball career."
- Tyler Harvey, Men's Basketball Division I scoring champion 2015, Eastern Washington University

“What makes Dr. Yamada different from others in the area of sports rehab and improvement of physical performance is that he doesn't just treat the symptoms that one may be experiencing. Rather, his unique approach works to correct movement patterns that are the root cause of the physical problems that are producing those symptoms. Dr. Yamada will not only get you feeling better immediately but also put you on a program that will ensure that your body's functional movement will continue to improve and remain injury free.
Dr. Yamada's methods and philosophy are equally applicable to athletes who may not be currently experiencing any problems but are looking to put their bodies in an optimal condition for peak physical performance. Treating the bodies movement as an integrated “chain” of events, Dr. Yamada looks to stabilize and strengthen each link in the chain and produce ideal movement patterns. Athletes working with Dr. Yamada will see improvements in performance while at the same time increasing their ability to withstand the load and stress that sports place on the body.
I recommend Dr. Yamada for anyone looking to recover from injury, prevent injury or just improve the quality of their life.”
-Richard Smith, Athletic Director, Los Alamitos High School

“Golf is my passion and when I developed an acute disc herniation with severe back pain I was beside myself. My orthopedic back specialist referred me to Dr. Yamada and after a few visits I was feeling better than ever. I do my prescribed exercises emphasizing strengthening of my core every day and I am back to playing golf pain free. I can recommend Dr. Yamada unconditionally. He really cares and has a courteous and well trained staff.”
-L. Wayne Freeman M.D., Eye Physician and Surgeon, Long Beach, California

"Dr. Yamada's approach to therapy is completely different than anything I have ever experienced. At first, his methods seem to be unusual and unorthodox. As it turns out, however, there is a great deal of theory and many years of practical experience that had gone into perfecting his approach which involves getting to the underlying causes of pain and dysfunction. After coming in with a number of shoulder, arm and leg problems, Dr. Yamada told me that all my issues were interrelated and that his approach to healing me would be systemic. As a result of his treatments, I am now completely pain free and can return to working out and playing tennis again. I can't thank Jon enough for what he has done for me.
Another very positive part of my experience has been interacting with the front office staff, Annette and Christy, and Cecilia, the massage therapist. All are first-rate professionals who take the time ensure that each patient's experience is a very pleasant one."
-S. Mark Young, Professor, Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California

"During June 2012, I felt this "knife-like" pain radiate from my left buttock down through my left leg. After a month of waiting to see if the pain would subside on its own, my physician and I agreed upon scheduling an MRI of my lower back. A 9mm herniated (bulging) disc in the lumbar region of my back was diagnosed. At that point, I had a decision to make: choose the medical route of going to a pain management physician or try to manage the pain with the help from Dr. Yamada.
After receiving DNS therapy for six months, I can truly say that my pain is just about gone; my pain no longer manages me, I manage my pain. I have learned to "activate" my core by embracing the philosophy advocated by Dr. Yamada and consistently doing my exercises at home. Once Dr. Yamada started to see my pain subside, he recommended that I also work with the onsite physical therapist, Karen Wakamoto. Karen added strengthening exercises to my treatment plan to assist my ever important core.
I am now back to my active life of walking two miles per day and lifting light weights at 24 Hour Fitness. I never thought I would be able to go back to working out as I used to, but I am! With the team approach of Dr. Yamada, Karen and myself, I am understanding what I need to do to manage my pain."
-Joanne Tajima, patient         

“I came to Yamada Health and Rehabilitation Center with lower back problems that have been taken care of and are nonexistent. I’ve also had a few other issues from time to time that have also been taken care of. Currently I visit Yamada Health and Rehabilitation Center as maintenance to avoid future problems for which I feel has kept me out of a medical doctor’s office. I feel that Dr. Yamada and staff has such success with at least me because they are continually evolving with education and new techniques.”
-Sue England, patient

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