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  • Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS)

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) 

DNS is a cutting edge treatment from Europe.

DNS is a neurological technique that reduces pain and restores normal movement.

The technique is based on the work of a Czech neurologist who was studying babies and found that all human beings have a motor program stored in their brains from birth. He based this on the premise that all normal babies develop with the same movement patterns at the same time in life. For example, most babies roll over at 6 months, crawl at about 9 months and walk at around 12 months.

Imagine a baby with perfect posture and no injuries. Now imagine your body with poor posture and all the pain and injuries we develop over time. Adults compensate into poor movement patterns in an effort to avert pain. DNS essentially restores your brain back to an ideal pattern like an infant and quickly reduces pain.

DNS treats neck, back, shoulder, and hip pain as well as pinched nerves. DNS treatment of sports injuries are especially effective and becoming more popular. Chronic pain also responds very well to DNS.

DNS is a non-painful technique. The doctor stimulates reflex points, which are also known as zones as support. These zones are stimulated by light touch of the hand, and evoke reflexive movements of the body. Following this reflex stimulation, the patients are taught exercises to strengthen the ideal movement patterns and restore motor control.

For more information on DNS, click here. For a video presentation on DNS, click here.

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